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Welcome To Fresno County Property Tax Web Application

Disclaimer User understands that data is being maintained in an "on-line" environment, which is not reflected in real time and may not contain the most current information. At any time data may be modified by the COUNTY. User understands that information obtained herein is at User's own risk. The County of Fresno's full privacy and security policy disclaimer is on the Tax Collection Division main webpage.

The Fresno County Auditor-Controller / Treasurer - Tax Collector is proud to offer new online payment services.

All tax bills paid online or by the automated phone system are due by 5:00 PM on the delinquent date.
Should the system fail, allow 30 minutes between transactions for the system to reset. Please note: Should service interruption occur, no extension of time to pay or waiver of penalties will be made.

We accept the following forms of payment.

American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, e-Check
Credit Card fee: 2.25%
Debit Card fee: $3.29
e-Check fee: $1.50
There are 4 simple steps to pay your property taxes online:
  1. Search for your property tax by parcel number. Please enter the first 8 numbers of your parcel number, omitting any alpha characters. 
  2. Add your property taxes to your Payment List. 
  3. Select your payment method and enter your account information and submit your payment. 
  4. Print a copy of your receipt for your records.